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An account statement is a document that shows all sales on the customer’s checking account. The current balance can also be seen on the account statement. If you now need a loan but do not want to submit your bank statement, you can look for a loan without bank statements.

The Loan Without Bank Statements – Disclosure Of All Expenses?

The Loan Without Bank Statements - Disclosure Of All Expenses?

In addition to proof of the salary received, bank statements are usually required for a loan application. Most banks require statements from the past three months. With a small loan amount, however, many banks do not provide this evidence. This can be the case with the house bank, for example. The bank employee can see from the account movements what is going on in the account of the loan seeker.

Account statements are proof of how high the customer’s income is, but also how high the expenditure is. Especially with the budget drawn up by many banks, the bank can use the bank statements to check whether the customer has truthfully provided all the information. The salary received every month is usually not checked against the bank statements.

Another important reason for submitting bank statements is that the lender can see if the customer’s finances are in order. If, for example, the customer has used his overdraft facility beyond the credit line, this could well lead to a loan refusal.

The bank statements also convey to the lender bank that the customer is the account holder. The credit installment will then be deducted from this account later. The credit without bank statements can also be an advantage, not only for the customer but also for the bank. This means there is less need to check documents. So you can find this circumstance of the waiver of account statements in the instant loans. The advantage for the customer is obvious, he does not have to disclose his financial situation to the lender.

Account statements not only show income and expenses, but also what the customer’s buying behavior is like. Banks can then see where the customer has bought and how much they have spent. If the customer likes to play with games of chance, for example lottery or internet games of chance, this can also be seen from the account statements. Sometimes there are expenses of an intimate nature that are also shown on the bank statements. Not every customer is ready to make it all obvious. Every customer must have a certain anonymity.

If the account is always overdrawn and the bank has not yet made some transfers, this can be seen from direct debit returns, so the customer can look for a loan without bank statements. There are many banks that do not require bank statements for a loan. Those interested in credit will find this information in a credit comparison. Terms and conditions of the individual donors are listed there.

It also works without bank statements

The Loan Without Bank Statements - Disclosure Of All Expenses?

Generally, an overdraft facility is displayed as a poor credit rating. Because there are not so few customers who want to “sneak up” a loan with a fake income and expenditure situation. For this reason, a loan without bank statements is not very welcome at the banks, because they have to rely on the information provided by the customer.

If you want a loan without bank statements, you should look for an instant loan. Speed ​​is required with this type of loan. The bank does not bother with perpetual credit checks, but has mostly automated the credit check. Of course, this has the effect that these loans are approved quickly.

However, there is to mention that it is mostly small loans that are granted in this way. Despite the fact that no bank statements are required, the creditworthiness is checked. On the one hand there is the Credit bureau query and on the other hand the customer has to provide truthful information about income and expenses. Large amounts of credit are not intended for this type of loan.

If you want a loan without bank statements, you can also negotiate with your bank. The personal discussions of the branch banks are an advantage here. If the customer is adept with his reasoning, the bank can access other evidence of creditworthiness. The Credit bureau information must then be neat and a copy of the employment contract must be presented. No income is evident from the employment contract, but at least it is noted whether the contract is limited or whether the loan seeker is still in trial period.

The sentence “I have misplaced my bank statements” counts for banks that do not require bank statements. Anyone can have replacement bank statements printed out. As mentioned before, the reason would be intimate expenses. If the bank employee has understanding, the customer can get a loan without bank statements.

The possibilities

The possibilities

For the customer who has a small income and needs a loan, a loan without bank statements would of course be a smart move. Usually, customers with a low salary will not get a loan without additional collateral.

In order to be able to carry out a proper credit check, banks require the bank statements. It is also checked whether the information in the self-disclosure matches that on the bank statements. It is not only the overdraft facility that is to be kept secret, often a loan is also applied for where the spouse is left out.

With a credit comparison, the customer can not only find a cheap provider, but also see the terms and conditions. For example, if the customer has a bad Credit bureau and wants to avoid it, he can look around for the Credit bureau-free loans. These banks usually require proof of income and an employment contract. This loan is more expensive than a normal loan.

The customer can apply for the loan without bank statements from a credit broker or from the bank itself. To what extent the foreign bank does not require bank statements, the customer can read the bank’s instructions. However, there should be certainty that the loan can also be paid. If there are payment defaults, the bank will initiate the garnishment procedure.

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